Ode to U

Where are you U? Have been searching for you in words I flaunt. Imprints of colonizers hard to erase, ‘spelling purist’ I prided myself, ‘spell check’ repeatedly marked me wrong.

I do not fancy my new ‘neighbor’, who is stubby and straight. Kindly ‘honor’ my verses with your ‘August’ ‘demeanor’. Contours of ‘the French connection’ I crave, enhanced by your worthy presence. My ‘labors’ of love you ‘color’ with myriad hues and bring ‘splendor’ with a characteristic twist.

Languages evolve, learn to adapt. If, ‘savor’ me you must, come find me in the novel world of SMS, where time and space are at a premium. Here, I stand alone, dignified and majestic and independently make complete sense.

R U :D?

PS: The last sentence decoded reads as —- Are you happy?

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