Marauding Grasp A poised and calm chiseled, exterior, she portrayed, In her head, a flurry of activity, all frayed, She played along, thinking on her feet, His diabolic heart, cloaked in dripping graciousness replete, She did read; biding time, was her game, Till the opportune moment came, To escape, the big marauding cat, on a dare,…Read more Marauding Grasp

Unsung Heroes Ram, while searching for the card of his previous employer, found a picture, taken roughly two years ago ...... brought back memories. They were not the best of times, but much better than the after COVID times. When life was normal, he had a job in a gaming centre in the children’s section…Read more Unsung Heroes


Picture Prompt Plate Jul 10, 2021 pictureptomptplateppppoetrylance This picture reminds me of the lyrics of a hindi song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It goes like this........ The Lady in the picture is wondering......... Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh, kahan shuru, kahan khatam, yeh manzilein hain kaun si, na woh samajh sake na hum. Translation What a…Read more Life