Marauding Grasp A poised and calm chiseled, exterior, she portrayed, In her head, a flurry of activity, all frayed, She played along, thinking on her feet, His diabolic heart, cloaked in dripping graciousness replete, She did read; biding time, was her game, Till the opportune moment came, To escape, the big marauding cat, on a dare,…Read more Marauding Grasp

Trick and Treat

Our daughter, was at her wits end, when it came to getting her daughter to do chores. Be it, putting back toys, after playing or finishing her homework….a battle of words was bound to ensue. She had tried all the tricks in the books, to no end. One day, she bought / brought an elf…Read more Trick and Treat

Image Am I Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? Changing personalities in a glide, Switching to extremes, is ‘madness’ called, Eavesdrop on my scruples, am not appalled, Good and evil, present in all, Savageness and impudence, don’t have the gall, True to myself and balanced, I shall be, Can brazenly look in the mirror to see,…Read more Image

Standing Tall Gnarled and weather beaten I stand, As tall and erect as I can muster, The swirling winds, fiendish at hand, Will change course, lack luster, Obliged to bow to my steadfast will, I heal; back to my bejewelled self, anon, Adorned with green foliage, dressed to kill, Laden with blossoms, enchanting, soon, a magical…Read more Standing Tall

Myriad Colours

Day breaks and scatters the ‘black’ night sky, With pieces of ‘bronze orange’, forging a ‘violet’ dye, As the Sun, crackles curiously through the gaps, Hues change from ‘tangerine’ to ‘golden yellow’ laps, Soon, the Sun is out from hiding, Cloaks, the Ether with ‘azure blue’ shading, A rainbow arc, comes forth some days, A…Read more Myriad Colours