Where are you U? Have been searching for you in words I flaunt. Imprints of colonizers hard to erase, 'spelling purist' I prided myself, 'spell check' repeatedly marked me wrong. I do not fancy my new 'neighbor', who is stubby and straight. Kindly 'honor' my verses with your 'August' 'demeanor'. Contours of 'the French connection'…Read more

Magic – Nature vs Man

Nature wields a magical wand, conjuring beautiful canvases. The light of the evening sun casts a tangerine glow in the far away sky. The luminescence of the transformed gilded sky, interspersed with white and flaxen clouds, jumps off tall buildings to fall on the Yarra river. The Yarra, now a rippled golden silvery mirror, reflecting…Read more Magic – Nature vs Man


Photo by Pixabay on Awakening to Mynahs chirping, in endless conversations with mates, the call of the Koel in her mellifluous voice, the Bulbuls swinging from branch to branch, in search of a vantage nook to house themselves. The intelligent Crows not far behind. The Champak tree adorned with fragrant flowers and glistening leaves,…Read more Observation