How do you define courage? Is it rage enough, to battle atrocities? Or, is it braving heartlessness lying down? Victorious as a Knight in shining armour? Or, a doormat to be trampled on? Paving the way for liberal future to come? Or, stuck in bigoted mire? Actions define courage, turn tides, Be gallant, take strides…Read more Courage

What do you see # 61 – 21st December 2020 Whoosh…..that was close. ‘Pat yourself Jerry’, my conscience yelled, ‘You were super fast, even by mousy standards’. I was ‘home’ now, a little space, I call my own, my safe haven from prying eyes, standing guard just outside. I leave my defensive armor and pretentious masks at the threshold, I am ‘home’ now. Time to let down…Read more What do you see # 61 – 21st December 2020