Marauding Grasp A poised and calm chiseled, exterior, she portrayed, In her head, a flurry of activity, all frayed, She played along, thinking on her feet, His diabolic heart, cloaked in dripping graciousness replete, She did read; biding time, was her game, Till the opportune moment came, To escape, the big marauding cat, on a dare,…Read more Marauding Grasp

Souvenir Gulliver, on one of his adventurous travels, Landed in a country of marvels, Dotted with temples galore, Inscribed with tales of yore, Four steps on giant feet, Covered the entire nation neat, It seemed like a dream, was he in paradise? Teeny weeny miniatures, exotic delights, He desired to take back a testimonial…Read more Souvenir

Separation Driving past a deserted, cobbled street, in the suburbs of Leipzig, Anna was heading towards the border. Yesterday, the 9th of November 1989 would be marked a historic day, in world history. 'The wall' had fallen, collapsed literally. As news broke out, people drove out in droves, across the open gates, to reach…Read more Separation