On the brink

A hearth in the heart of harshness, heralds happy hours, Like a comforting gesture, placates a wounded soul’s scars, Overwhelmed, you drown in your plight, Share your sorrows; and see hardships take flight, Reach out, be shown a clear path out of the woods, A kindred spirit, consoles, depressed moods, Dying is no way out,…Read more On the brink


Life is like a game of scrabble, You pick dares, you want to dabble, A mix of consonants and vowels, in good measure, To script your life, as you desire, Words like, ‘courage’, ‘integrity’, ‘resilience’, ‘loyalty’, Mould character, to rise to challenges, victoriously. https://reinventions.reena.wordpress.com


https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/87325236/posts/3586425748 http://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/10/04/what-do-you-see-102-october-4-2021/ Gulliver, on one of his adventurous travels, Landed in a country of marvels, Dotted with temples galore, Inscribed with tales of yore, Four steps on giant feet, Covered the entire nation neat, It seemed like a dream, was he in paradise? Teeny weeny miniatures, exotic delights, He desired to take back a testimonial…Read more Souvenir