What do you see # 60 – 14 December 2020

https://wp.me/paf3ao-9BQ Bequeathed Priceless inheritance, comes my way, Valuable assets make one gay, My vault of memories stashed, Returns manifold encashed, Each gift enriched, an example, Life lessons learnt in ample, Flash back to moments of bliss, Tuned into each other you were, senses could not miss, Revelling in melodious harmony, Simple pleasures for glorious matrimony,…Read more What do you see # 60 – 14 December 2020

What do you see # 58- 30th November 2020

#Whatdoyouseehttps://wp.me/paf3ao-9BO Sisters Blithe spirits, innocent minds, Siblings of a kind, In diversity united, To broaden horizons delighted, Nature matters say finds, Nurture together binds, Color, creed, biases taint, Life precious, to be lost in this plaint, Live and let live, let differences fade, Inferences, without reasoning made, 'Out of Africa', we stem, is the hypothesis…Read more What do you see # 58- 30th November 2020


WDYS Collaboration Celebrating a year of partnership, Intellect and purse, walk hand in hand, Make a wish, blow the candle, keep the courtship, Before it is ruined, save and savor, enterprises grand, Small fish (intellect), survives the wealthy shark, Collaborates, to make a mark. PS A double entendre here. I am always worried about the…Read more Collaboration