Myriad Colours

Day breaks and scatters the ‘black’ night sky,

With pieces of ‘bronze orange’, forging a ‘violet’ dye,

As the Sun, crackles curiously through the gaps,

Hues change from ‘tangerine’ to ‘golden yellow’ laps,

Soon, the Sun is out from hiding,

Cloaks, the Ether with ‘azure blue’ shading,

A rainbow arc, comes forth some days,

A spectrum of seven colours, she displays,

Each colour has a defining trait,

Enhanced, by a contrasting taint,

Nature orchestrates a beautiful symphony,

Blending colours to indulge the world, sweet as honey,

The ‘crimson red’ flowers, adorned with ‘green’ foliage, creating a riot,

The ‘pink’, ‘purple’ and ‘blue violet’,

Nothing is plain ‘black’ or ‘white’, ‘grey’, is the tone of reasoning,

Bonding of diversity, adds meaning,

Understand, no one colour can rule the world,

A palette of different tinges, gathered in a fold,

Shall bring peace and harmony,

Indeed a colourful symphony.

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