The Aftermath

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #219

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #219 - featured image

War is at the doorstep, what do you expect me to do?

It’s late now, your heart is laden with rue,

Brace yourself, to see a sea of graves, reaching the horizon,

Endless names of unsung heroes, inscribed on monoliths, forever gone,

Martyred for a selfish cause, decorated posthumously,

An appearance of caring generously,

Brace yourself, for scars of wars are invincible,

Wounds embedded deep in the psyche of the living gullible,

Hope and pray, no more, we wake to sounds of bugles and bombs,

Hope and pray, the future wakes to sounds of love and laughter that embraces all homes,

For, we are the world, we are it’s people,

We can make a better day, our voices should not be feeble.

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