Identical Twins

The twins were inseparable. They were identical twins, most people would confuse one for the other. Tarun, did not have to look in the mirror, to see his reflection; it was right there in the form of Varun. They were similar in many ways as well, in their thinking and sensitivities. So connected were they, that one appeared as the shadow of the other. The first nine years of their lives were spent in entwined, inalienable bliss. The sun stopped shining on them, when a severe drought hit their region. Their father was a small time farmer, selling to middlemen. He earned enough and more for their sustainance, enough to meet their not so fancy needs.

So, it came about, that their paths diverged. They would still be mirror images of each other, on the outside. Changed environments though, would mould their characters differently. Tarun, sadly gazing at himself thought, sun or no sun, his shadow would be gone forever.

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