Gulliver, on one of his adventurous travels,

Landed in a country of marvels,

Dotted with temples galore,

Inscribed with tales of yore,

Four steps on giant feet,

Covered the entire nation neat,

It seemed like a dream, was he in paradise?

Teeny weeny miniatures, exotic delights,

He desired to take back a testimonial relic,

The lilliputs, willing, thought it prophetic,

A temple on a grassy plain, their heirloom,

Fitted on Gulliver’s back, to be carried home,

Chariot wheels, at tail end and head, cast,

Propelled him, now airborne, to zoom fast,

His course, directed by winds swift,

Over mountains and billowing clouds, adrift,

Souvenir, from voyage to Lilliputian land,

An eminent display in a museum stand.

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