The Saturday Symphony #21 Timeless Literature

I have used titles of Plays and Novels (in inverted commas) of my favourite Playwright and Authors (names in brackets) to compile this piece. Hopeful about the end of the pandemic and Corona erased forever. Thomas Hardy, my all time favorite novelist. Also love to devour mystery novels.

“The Tempest” (Shakespeare) sweeps our planet. The intent ruthless, of “The Devil’s Alternative” (Frederick Forsythe), come to unleash, “The Grapes Of Wrath” (John Steinbeck). “The Kill List” (Frederick  Forsythe) in tow, to cleanse, his motto.  A “Master Of The Game” (Sydney Sheldon), unflagging in chase, pursues all, “Rich Man Poor Man” (Irwin Shaw). “Pride And Prejudice” (Jane Austen) does not color his embrace.  “Desperate Remedies” ( Thomas Hardy) sought, advised to keep “Far From The Madding Crowd” (Thomas Hardy). Isolated and locked indoors, prefer “A Room With A View” ( E.M.Forster), to watch “The Return Of The Native” (Thomas Hardy), to his natural habitat, “Under The Greenwood Tree” ( Thomas Hardy).

“Much Ado About Nothing” (Shakespeare), it is not, don’t you see “The Sky Is Falling” (Sydney Sheldon)? Courageous tales “Of  Human Bondage” (Somerset Maugham), “Jude The Obscure” ( Thomas Hardy), not obscure after all, “Jane Eyre” (Charlotte Bronte), come to the rescue. “Strong Medicine” (Arthur Hailey), an antidote and “Death Comes As The End” (Agatha Christie) to our “Nemesis” (Agatha Christie). He will be “Gone With The Wind” (Margaret Mitchell).

A time For Mercy” (John Grisham), we deserve. Hope this is “A Mere Interlude” (Thomas Hardy), “Nothing Lasts Forever” (Sydney Sheldon). “If Tomorrow Comes” (Sydney Sheldon), as it definitely will, on “The Other Side Of Midnight ” (Sydney Sheldon), ” The Grass Is Always Greener” (Jeffrey Archer).

Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year!

20 thoughts on “The Saturday Symphony #21 Timeless Literature

  1. I’ll always remember the plot of, ” Master of the game”, I think it’s one of first novels I had read. I’m excited with your list, Ma’am as it is similar to mine. Have been meaning to read Frederick Forsythe’s works, hopefully I’ll be able to this year.

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  2. I enjoy ‘fun’ mysteries. I’m reading one now where a gal had friendly ghosts for company. The gal helps to solve their ‘murders’ so that maybe they can ‘move’ beyond.

    Clever using the titles. One can only hope our current situation is soon forgotten, but also remembered so we can be prepared if needed.

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