What do you see # 61 – 21st December 2020


Whoosh…..that was close. ‘Pat yourself Jerry’, my conscience yelled, ‘You were super fast, even by mousy standards’. I was ‘home’ now, a little space, I call my own, my safe haven from prying eyes, standing guard just outside.
I leave my defensive armor and pretentious masks at the threshold, I am ‘home’ now. Time to let down my tail (hair), put my feet up and feast on hard earned (by a whisker’s breadth) cheesy delights.
It is not Tom alone, I have to dodge these days, to lay my hands on heavenly bits. Mr. and Mrs. X are ‘home’ all the time, moving around with disgruntled facesI hear, a Mr. Corona visiting the world, is reason for the gloom.
One ‘letter’ sets us apart, brings a world of difference to our status. Tom is a ‘pet’, who purred his way into a fine ‘home’, gorging on servings of fish and milk, from a platter. I, Jerry, am a ‘pest’, pride myself on burrowing my own ‘home’ and fending for myselfA hole in the wall no doubt, but forever my ‘home sweet home’.
The inner child in me is alive and kicking. Tom and Jerry cartoons an all time favorite. I watch cartoons with my granddaughter now. A lot to learn from Jerry. I spun this story around Tom and Jerry. It is a reblog. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by.

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