Reena’s Exploration Challenge #138 — Reena Saxena

All the world’s a stage, And all men and women merely players…..This was said in the context of the seven phases of man. The journey of each man has a sense of perseverance. A one Act Play explores Man’s willingness and courage to walk in someone else’s shoes, playing contrasting roles.

Roles and Players

1. Character :   Mrs. X    Age : 45 years    Gender :  Female

2. Character :   Maid Y   Age : 30 years    Gender :  Female

Act 1  Scene 1

The curtain rises to a sunny Monday morning in Mrs. X’s residence.

Mrs. X is pacing back and forth, glancing at the clock from time to time. Mentally making a list of chores to be completed before heading off to work, she mutters to herself, ‘ It’s an hour past her usual time, why isn’t she here yet?’. She is referring to her Help, Maid Y.

As more time passes, Mrs. X is fuming visibly, ‘ What the hell, always coming up with excuses for her delay or absence. I’ts going to be awfully late today.’

Act 1 Scene 2

The door bell rings. Mrs. X rushes to the door and flings it open, livid with rage. Maid Y has finally arrived and begins apologetically, ‘ Amma (Madam in Tamil), I am very sorry…………’                                                                                                                                     

Mrs. X has her cue and a barrage of angry questions have to be hurled at the Maid. At that precise moment a conscious spark lights up in Mrs. X………’If roles are reversed and I am in her handed down, one size bigger on her small feet, SLIPPERS……I would have lived her role and known it all.’

The night before, when Mrs. X had been sleeping blissfully, Maid Y had spent a night of wakefulness, tending her sick child. Even this morning, the child had been reluctantly left in the care of a concerned neighbor. She knew her responsibilities, so here she was….better late than never.

Backstage, the prompter is perplexed, it’s all going wrong he thinks. The scene ends differently from the Director’s vision, but it is wonderful and going just right. Mrs. X is making a cup of tea for her Help Y, as she lends a compassionate ear.

Change the narrative from harshness of Arrogance to kindness of Empathy and the world is a much better place.

via Reena’s Exploration Challenge #138 — Reena Saxena

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